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"Dr. Myers’ incredible intelligence and thoughtful process put me at ease instantly. In fact, I am now seeing him as my main Orthodontist."  – Michael S.

"Such a great staff, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would definitely recommend to friends family or any random acquaintance that asks about the awesome smile my ortho set me up with!" – Joe S.

"Dr. Myers as well as his amazing staff changed my life. Having a cleft lip & pallet like mine (with many complications) can be a huge challenge to any doctor or orthodontist. I feel so lucky to have had them on my side, they truly care about their patients and have the expertise to make small miracles happen. It's not all about straight teeth or a perfect smile to them, it's about giving a kid a chance to smile at all, eat solid foods, save teeth, and improve self-esteem. I cannot overemphasize the importance of their staff. If the Drs are the brains then the staff is the heart of the office. Over the 32 years I've known them (I said my case was difficult!) they have become my friends and as important as family. You couldn't be in better hands." – Michael

"Great staff, Dr. Myers gives you treatment options according to your needs and financial arrangements that work with your budget and no interest payment plans."

"They are by far the best Orthodontist that I ever had. The staff are professional and go above and beyond in helping me with my orthodontic needs. Totally hands down to all of them..I would definitely recommend them with family and friends." – Ahms